Custom Birthday Invitations and Posters

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I absolutely loved the amazing invitations. Got a lot of compliments on it. And my boys were thrilled.i will definitely use them again and recommend it highly. Also very prompt, the invitations were sent to me within 24 hours

Manjari P on Jul 5, 2022

Absolutely PERFECT! My son loved his invitation and felt like a real transformer. Thank you so much! Quality of the product was great and they were incredibly professional and friendly to work with. Most definitely will use them again!

Arlene A on Jun 4, 2022

Super fast first proof and the updates are even faster fulfilled. Our son is totally in to the result. And even the kids and parents who received the invitation are stunned by the design.

Karel M on Apr 29, 2022

The invitation is AMAZING! The service was top notch! My son absolutely loves seeing himself as Ryder from Paw Patrol. I've gotten sooooooo many compliments on the creativity of the design.

Remitha W on April 22, 2022

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About Us

Klever Guerrero

store owner

I started creating for my little ones. First, cartoons to decorate their bedrooms, then those cartoons became party themes and now they are custom birthday invitations.

I design and create my cartoons to match - the best possible - the real size and color skin of children, to make them look better inside the design. My whole objective is that they become the hero of the invitation. Is not just a nice pirate invitation, is an invitation where your child is the pirate, the bravest and cuter pirate, or the astronaut, or a superhero, or a beautiful princess. Your child becomes the star, the reason, the center of my designs.